Apr 25, 2012

Giov Perales & Andro-Dioxin

In the following months Andro-Dioxin will be working with the Plastic Artist Giovanna Perales in a new set of paintings where our music is the inspiration and theme of this following artwork and contribution.

Giov Perales is a local Plastic Artist from Tijuana, B.C, Mexico. With an interesting background and development in the local scene with several contributions with several other artists in the area and showcases with her most famous material " The two faces of people ".

In the last week, Giov Perales introduced an idea to our Musical Project, a contribution with her paintings takes as base and inspiration several of our tracks from Dioxin City, the Suicidal EP and some of our still under productions tracks for our upcoming album.

Check out her Facebook page and give some support.
Best of wishes to all.

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