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Andro-Dioxin is an Industrial/ Harsh EBM Musical project from Tijuana, B.C, Mexico.
Andro-Dioxin comes to life in 2009, stands as a local band that is growing and getting people to the live shows with an energy that is transmitted to the people while on stage and with a world wide growing fan base. 

Sharing the stage with International Labeled bands such as Amduscia (Mexico), Mordacious (USA) & Larva (Spain). Music out on Different Parts vol. 7 Compilation by A:o:I:D (Army of Industrial Darkness) from Austria, Club Respekt's 10th year anniversary compilation, Radios around Europe and America, and self releases.

2011 Andro-Dioxin releases its debut album, Dioxin City, with Engraved Ritual and DSBP Records ( Labes from U.S.A ).
2012, On January, Andro-Dioxin is released on Synthetic Rage vol 1 by Engraved Ritual.

2012, On March, Andro-Dioxin releases the " Suicidal " EP featuring remixes from Mordacious, Ed-X, Larva, Traumatize and Subliminal Code.

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