Sep 1, 2012

Our Participants

Well, a while back we did a remix contest for  our track "Field Of Razors", one of the tracks from our next album, where different projects and ideas were sent, here are our friends, a little bit  more  about them and of their work in this music scene. We are really grateful that we got to work  with  them and hope you enjoy checking our and discovering their music too.

Alienoxir EBM ( Proyecto Alienoxir )

Alienoxir EBM is  a Dance Floor oriented Dark Electro musical project from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Formed  in 2007 by Henok ( Programing & Synths ) and Alixir ( Vocals ), Alienoxir fuses a range of  diferent ideals both in their music and in their lyrics taking themes from every day topics such as Hunger, War, Technology, Government and other thought that affect our way of  life and the way our mind thinks.

Having a wide coverage in live performances such as "Necropolis Fest", "Dark Tech Fest" and different states in Mexico, Alienoxir has also had the opportunity to play with both National and International groups/projects such as Noisuf-X, Dawn Of Ashes, Soil & Eclipse, God Module, R-aktor T-tra, Cid Project, Noiz+Zilenth, Paranormal, Electrovot, Andro-Dioxin, Repulzsor, T.R.A.U.M.A and others.

You can check out their stuff on their FB Page, 

Bleeding Corp

This somewhat new project was born in 2010 with an EBM/Elektro/Industrial presence in Cuenca, Ecuador, for that Dae who experiment before with elektro sounds joined to Sterean to bring to life this projekt called BLEEDING CORP. This band has been releasing cool new material in the last months and was included in Engraved Ritual's team of new bands and releases out of the underground and in to the masses.

Bleeding Corp releases their 1st demo "Out of Control"  on 2011, and releasing on June, 2012 theris Official EP called "Capitol Drunk" with the support of Engraved Ritual and Mechanized! You can check them out at their Official Site and/or get their music ONLINE.


Here is an amazing starting project that took me by surprise, Wedreu. 

This young project  was born on Fall of 2011 in  Finland with an rough Aggrotech sound. He is  also the winner of our remix contest. Sadly, not much is said about this new project, but, you can check their music out on VampireFreaks.

We honestly hope to  hear from this project and more music soon, till then, we will be keeping an eye and ear out for it. 


AlDae was born in 2010 by Alexander Daemon as a Industrial/ Electro/ Experimental/ EBM project. As a starting project, this project has been making cool new music at his own pace and style, doing several releases in the past year.

This project has also been really active working on several releases, remixes and collaborations with different artists. Their music and releases are available on Face Book and on SoundCloud.

Aug 26, 2012

Upcoming Releases

Hello everyone, we are now working on 2 releases, 1 is a Free Sampler from Engraved Ritual and the other is a remastered version of our 1st CD Dioxin City.

As most of you have  may have heard and are waiting for its  release, Engraved Ritual is releasing a sweet new sampler called "Hate Is A Weapon".

The Tracklist of for this Sampler is:

1.Andro-Dioxin- Feed the Rage (Feat. Vondage)
2.Angels of Suicide- Debauchery
3. Say Just Words- This is Not Salvation
4. God Destruction- Become Death (Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
5. Bestias De Asalto- Mata las a Todos(Sin D.N.A. remix)
6. RetConStruct- Dear Doomsday
7. Bleeding Corp.- Capitol Drunk (Under My Hex Mix by 7 Heads of Destruction)

This FREE SAMPLER drops this August, 28th, 2012 and it be available on Engraved Ritual's Site. We will be participating with our track "Feed The Rage", a new track from our still under mixing album, as may some of you may have heard it before on YouTube, this is a whole new version of Rage to it, so we hope you will like the new version as much as we.

Here you can check a preview of the track we are submitting.
Feed The Rage ( Feat. Vondage EBM )*Preview Track* 

On the other note, we are currently working on slight remastering for our 1st release, Dioxin City, this to upload again to the web and make it available as a Free To Download, We still have copies of this album and we are still shipping Signed CDs via Mail, a few lucky ones also receive a CD of our Suicidal EP and/or a very limited Compilation by Club Respekt.

We hope both of these releases have much attention and we hope you will be turning it up  a few dbs.

Best of wishes to all. - Everth Dioxin // Andro-Dioxin

Jun 22, 2012

To all of our friends.

Next month Andro-Dioxin enters in to its 3rd year performing and all that comes to mind are the exiting memories of the performances and conversations with many people around the world in person and through the several Social Networks.

Its been over a year now that we have been signed to one of the fastest growing industrial labels in 2011/2012, im talking of course of Engraved Ritual and its founder Mr. Jason L. Anderson, to whom we thanks very much for the support on our 2 releases, Dioxin City and Suicidal, still seems like yesterday when Jason L. and i went on creating a label to Host and Release our material, with time and the support of the people from the Goth/Industrial and Music scene, the label grew very fast and earned a name of its own.

In this last year our music has made it to new audiences, and our production has evolved much, every day we are keeping more and more contact by e-mail, FB and Twitter with you, either for business, questions or just to have fun meet new people and friends. Many new  remixes and contributions with musicians from many different countries. So thank you for the support, we hope one day to be with you in your city having a few beers before the show.

Give a big support to Jason L. Anderson head of Engraved Ritual and check out all of the releases and bands!

PS: We are still working on mixing the new album, i thought i was done yesterday but after a few plays on the Car, the house's Sound System, Cellphone and a few other speakers, will need to do some minor adjustments to it, but if you haven't already, check out the 1st preview of the album.