May 10, 2012

Working on production.

We are currently working on production of our  3rd album, most of the tracks are already done and we are just taking some time to mix the instruments and vocals one last time, but seems that every time e go back on the mixing, we wanna change or add a few new stuff, so it might take a while for us to actually finish mixing those tracks and for you to have a sampler of the new album.

Sadly, as i was checking again the tracks, seems that we are missing one more track to complete the number of tracks the record label initially suggested, but no worries we shall try and make an awesome new track.

The album has a temporary name right now, but we are still checking if that will be the final one that we will go for at the end. The theme in this production initially started as hate due to the present emotions at the time when production was just beginning, of the of the most representative tracks was Suicidal, now released in our free to download EP " Suicidal ", due to personal issues and struggles faced before, a few other tracks in this next production have a little personal side to them that we think makes them real to us and perhaps to the people that might feel the same way too.

As for remixes we might go with some of our closes friends from the Musical Scene to lend us a hand and help spread their hate in our album. For now i guess this is it, if possible might have a preview of 4/10 tracks ready this weekend for you to check them out.

Stay in contact and best of wishes to all ! - Everth

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