Jun 6, 2012

Mixing and Sales

As most of you may have already noticed by post on our different social networks, we are currently mixing the material for our upcoming album. The album at the moment has 10 track total and plans of adding an intro/outro are still being addressed. We have already placed a preview on our SoundCloud Page and got several positive reviews and feedback on it, means so much to us.

Also, we are doing some special sales on our CD Stock, on our Download/Buy you can find what how we are distributing our final stock of CDs, some very limited remain. Please check it out and if you would like, order from us, we are shipping everywhere. As we hope you stay in contact with us, feel free to send us your emails to androdioxin@gmail.com and we will too be in contact with you too.

Hope to hear from all of you soon and to have the next album preview  soon too. Best of wishes to all of our friends. - Everth Dioxin.

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