Jun 22, 2012

To all of our friends.

Next month Andro-Dioxin enters in to its 3rd year performing and all that comes to mind are the exiting memories of the performances and conversations with many people around the world in person and through the several Social Networks.

Its been over a year now that we have been signed to one of the fastest growing industrial labels in 2011/2012, im talking of course of Engraved Ritual and its founder Mr. Jason L. Anderson, to whom we thanks very much for the support on our 2 releases, Dioxin City and Suicidal, still seems like yesterday when Jason L. and i went on creating a label to Host and Release our material, with time and the support of the people from the Goth/Industrial and Music scene, the label grew very fast and earned a name of its own.

In this last year our music has made it to new audiences, and our production has evolved much, every day we are keeping more and more contact by e-mail, FB and Twitter with you, either for business, questions or just to have fun meet new people and friends. Many new  remixes and contributions with musicians from many different countries. So thank you for the support, we hope one day to be with you in your city having a few beers before the show.

Give a big support to Jason L. Anderson head of Engraved Ritual and check out all of the releases and bands!  http://engraved-ritual.bandcamp.com/

PS: We are still working on mixing the new album, i thought i was done yesterday but after a few plays on the Car, the house's Sound System, Cellphone and a few other speakers, will need to do some minor adjustments to it, but if you haven't already, check out the 1st preview of the album.

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