Aug 26, 2012

Upcoming Releases

Hello everyone, we are now working on 2 releases, 1 is a Free Sampler from Engraved Ritual and the other is a remastered version of our 1st CD Dioxin City.

As most of you have  may have heard and are waiting for its  release, Engraved Ritual is releasing a sweet new sampler called "Hate Is A Weapon".

The Tracklist of for this Sampler is:

1.Andro-Dioxin- Feed the Rage (Feat. Vondage)
2.Angels of Suicide- Debauchery
3. Say Just Words- This is Not Salvation
4. God Destruction- Become Death (Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
5. Bestias De Asalto- Mata las a Todos(Sin D.N.A. remix)
6. RetConStruct- Dear Doomsday
7. Bleeding Corp.- Capitol Drunk (Under My Hex Mix by 7 Heads of Destruction)

This FREE SAMPLER drops this August, 28th, 2012 and it be available on Engraved Ritual's Site. We will be participating with our track "Feed The Rage", a new track from our still under mixing album, as may some of you may have heard it before on YouTube, this is a whole new version of Rage to it, so we hope you will like the new version as much as we.

Here you can check a preview of the track we are submitting.
Feed The Rage ( Feat. Vondage EBM )*Preview Track* 

On the other note, we are currently working on slight remastering for our 1st release, Dioxin City, this to upload again to the web and make it available as a Free To Download, We still have copies of this album and we are still shipping Signed CDs via Mail, a few lucky ones also receive a CD of our Suicidal EP and/or a very limited Compilation by Club Respekt.

We hope both of these releases have much attention and we hope you will be turning it up  a few dbs.

Best of wishes to all. - Everth Dioxin // Andro-Dioxin

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